Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Tree Skirt

I wanted a new crochet skirt for my Christmas tree this year and I didn't have much time to make. I was looking around for patterns online and there are quite some nice patterns available for free. I chose this pattern because it is very straight forward and simple and I thought I could finish it in a week max. 
This pattern is very ideal for the beginner level crocheters.Here is the link to the pattern I followed http://www.momsloveofcrochet.com/hollytreeskirt.html.
The pattern calls for a size P hook. I didn't want to buy new yarn and wanted to use my scrap yarns for this project and so, I ended up using a size J hook as the yarn I had was way too thin for a Size P hook.
I had to add more rows because of the hook size I used. Also, I wanted a skirt that could be used for 6.5 ft tree which means I had to add one more "increase row " .
It took me 6 days to finish this project and I am a moderate speed crocheter. 
I made a tiny alteration in the last two rows.I did Sc in the first stitch,chain 3 skip a stitch and Sc in the next.
Also,added one more row by inserting the hook on the chain space from the previous row Sc ,chain 3 sc in the next chain space.
If you really, desperately want to make a last minute tree skirt you can still make it following this pattern.Hurry!